Which Dog Toys Are Right for Your Dog?

A dog enjoying a toy is as entertaining to us humans as it is to the dog. Perhaps that’s why dog owners spend roughly $50 a year on new dog toys. With hundreds, if not thousands, of toys to choose from, how do you choose a toy your dog will love instead of spending your money on what seems like a terrific toy only to watch your dog ignore it?

Of course, there are the ubiquitous tennis balls. You’ll want a multipack of these because, no matter how great a retriever your dog is, some balls will disappear.

If Your Dog Likes to Chase Things

If you play catch with your dog at a dog park or other open space, choose colored balls to distinguish his from those belonging to other dogs. Rubber balls are more durable than standard tennis balls.

Hard chew toys, dental chews, and rope toys should entertain him. If he’s a heavy chewer, choose a toy that’s durable and won’t break into small pieces.

If Your Dog Loves To Chew

Chew toys are also useful training tools for teaching puppies what they may and may not chew.

Try toys that dispense treats, such as the popular KONG toys, which you can fill with small treats that your dog retrieves as he plays with it.

If Your Dog is Especially Attuned to Treats And Rewards

For mental stimulation, there are challenging toys that require a dog to work to get to the treats.

He’ll like a soft, squishy dog toy, made of fleece or plush. If it has a squeaker, so much the better. Just like small children, a dog may bond with his special toy and even sleep with it.

If Your Dog Likes to Cuddle and Carry Things Around in His Mouth

If you prefer to get more scientific about this, studies were done several years ago on why dogs prefer some toys over others. Researchers at the University of Giessen in Germany and the University of Lincoln in England studied Labrador Retrievers, which are famous for their love of play.

Dog Toy Studies

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