What Are Dog Diapers and Does Your Dog Need Them?

Loving a dog means dealing with pet waste. We expect pets to eliminate in the right place and on our human schedule, but pets don’t always act the way we expect.

How do dogs and owners benefit from dog diapers?

To use dog diapers most effectively, figure out the category of behavior they address. Do you need temporary help with a female in season or a dog that needs remedial potty etiquette training? For these pets, they may only need to wear a disposable dog diaper when in the house and at night. If your dog requires help for the rest of his or her life, the cost increases. Washable dog diapers are available and a good option.

How to use dog diapers

Choose products based on your dog’s waist, thigh, and torso length. Girl dogs won’t need as much length as boy dogs, who need the material to cover the penis. Boy dogs may get by with wraps (sometimes called male wraps or belly bands) when you only need to contain urine.

Check for size to fit dog diapers

Most dog diapers feature a hole cut for the tail. If your pooch has no tail (or a docked tail), the diaper may leak. Cover up the tail hole with tape, or look for a dog diaper without a hole. You could also use a disposable dog diaper underneath, covered with a washable diaper on the outside, to contain everything.

Diapers for dogs with or without tails

Be prepared to introduce your “leaky” dog to the idea step by step. First, set the diaper on the ground and let him sniff it and become familiar with the product. Next, slip it on your dog for only one minute, all the while offering tasty smelly treats he adores, then take off the diaper. Give him a five-minute break, and repeat, this time leaving it on for two minutes, or three minutes, and so on.

How to train dogs to wear dog diapers

What’s the difference between disposable and reusable dog diapers?

Disposable dog diapers get thrown away after one use. They’re made from paper material, with leak-proof outer coverings. These plastic covers can make crinkly sounds when the dog moves, and some dogs dislike the sound.

Reusable dog diapers are cloth and machine washable. They’re softer for dogs’ comfort and may be accepted more readily. Reusable dog diapers come in fun colors and patterns or match fur colors for a more discrete look. Some contain pockets to hold disposable pads.