Top 5 Favorite Foods



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OK, shut up crazyfoodlover. This is a classic! So why don't you leave us alone and not bully us for what we like? We're all allowed to have our opinions!

Ice Cream


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Without Ice Cream, life is not worth living. It's so icy, so creamy, so sweet, and so delicious. People who don't like ice cream are missing out on some sweet treats, but I don't hate you for it. But the truth is, almost everyone loves ice cream.



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I love all kinds of chocolate, preferably dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is good, but it doesn't have the strong coffee vibes dark chocolate gives.

Fried Chicken


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Fried chicken has all the juiciness of a steak, the crunch from a Pizza's crust and the ability to mop up a sauce like french fries. This is the best fast food hands down.



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I literally get a burger everywhere I go! I can't remember the last time I didn't get a burger when I went out to eat. They are so juicy and meaty and cheesy! (if you get a cheeseburger) And they are just the best food in the entire world!