Spring Starflowers

These charming little blooming plants hail from Argentina and Uruguay and form dense clumps of perennial flowers to chase the winter downers away.

Mixed freesias

If a garden of beautiful scent is your aim, these are the bulbs for you. But, if you want to display these gorgeous blooms in your home, remember to cut your freesias when they are still in bud and they can last in a vase for up to three weeks.


Want the best news? The sweet scented jonquil is the most indestructible and easy to grow of all garden bulbs, often surviving in abandoned gardens. Perfect!


Choose a location with full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. If your soil isn’t rich in organic matter, work plenty of compost or composted manure into the bed before planting.

Bearded Iris

You definitely don't have to be a blessed gardener to have luck with irises. They're everyone's friend!