Top 10 Unusual Pet Companions

Butter the Opossum

Most people despise opossums and classify them as huge rodents that scavage through your trash at night, looking for food to survive. People make videos about them being vicious and mean, but it turns out that is far from the truth. They might get hungry from time to time and go through your trash, but they are not a part of the rodent species and are far from terrifying. In fact, they are quite the opposite of the vicious opossum many assume them to be.

Kojek the Crocodile

After the latest attack on a man in Brazil swimming for his life away from an alligator on Saturday, October 23, 2021, I’m sure people thought there was “no way I would have one near me, let alone as a pet!” But a man in Indonesia might have to disagree with you after living with his crocodile for 21 years, along with his wife and three children.

JB the Beaver

If you ever have a water leak in your home, just call on the JB the beaver to build up a damn on the spot. Meet JB—Justin Beaver—a beaver rescued by a woman who runs a recuse center in Kentucky. She found JB outside all alone without his mother.

Gypsy & Monaco the Bobcats

If you can’t deal with the size of a lion in your home, why not go for a bobcat. A couple in Texas decided to seek out two bobcats—Gypsy and Monaco—to add to their family as a traditional cat was just not going to cut it. They have been graciously caring for these cats, feeding them a fatty diet full of a variety of meats. They’re also enjoying the luxury of not worrying about cleaning a litter box because these two bobs pee in the toilet!

Toby the Pig

Millions of Americans eat pork, running to the store to pick up their bacon to go with their perfect breakfast. But for this couple, bacon isn’t an option. After going to a dog kennel, they found a rescue pig named Toby, who escaped from a farm and was brutally attacked by dogs. The couple instantly felt connected to him and wanted to help heal and care for him as the sight of a 500-pound pig in this kennel looking sickly was breaking their hearts, so they took him home and cared for him.

Jimmy the Bear

For campers all over America, they make sure they take their trusty bear bag to repel bears away from their campsite. But meet this couple that does quite the opposite. Meet the Kodiak bear family located in Otisville, New York.

Tiny Tim the Donkey

From carrying silk to licking dishes off that have milk residue, meet Tiny Tim, the miniature donkey that was so small that his human mother thought he wouldn’t survive. Not realizing their two donkeys had mated, Jossy was surprised to find the tiny 10-pound newborn donkey lying in some hay in the barn. Rejected by its mother, she took him into the house and hand fed him every 20 minutes. He began to thrive and has since become a welcome member of the family. Apparently, having a donkey is just like having a dog. He wags his tail and drinks out of the toilet, just like his two dog buddies.

A Clan of Hyenas

When you visit PetSmart, you definitely won’t find this scavenging dog, let alone more than one. Talk about a man with a thrill to live on the edge, quite literally risking his well-being by making these animals his companions. Yes, I said companions! A man named Kevin Richardson, more famously known as the Lion Whisperer, has made himself a part of a clan of hyenas.

Wild Thing the Bison

After having a rough start when Wild Thing was a calf constantly headbutting R.C. to dominate him, R.C’s determination eventually softened Wild Thing up. Now the wild animal enjoys dinner inside R.C.’s home and turns into a graceful beast as soon as he steps foot in the house. WARNING: Kids don’t try this at home.

Jessica the Hippo

Who knew that when they created the Hungry Hungry Hippo game that the universe was preparing us for this news. A couple in South Africa care for a lovely hippo named Jessica, who enjoys rooibos tea and plenty of snacks. Jessica was separated from her mother at a very young age and washed up on the South African couple’s doorstep with her umbilical cord still attached. Now, Jessica is like a “daughter” to Shirley.