Top 10 Things You Really Don’t Want Biting You


A dog can maul a person, so most folks are on guard whenever they cross paths with an aggressive one. On the other hand, Cats don’t seem like much of a threat unless they’re the big cat variety. Housecats are small, and their claws are more of a threat than their mighty yet tiny jaws.

Brazilian Wandering Spiders

Most people avoid spiders like the plague, as arachnophobia is incredibly common. Still, there are spiders in the world, and occasionally, they cross paths with a human. In most cases, the spider will get out of your way, but they will bite you if they feel threatened. Most spider bites hurt like any other insect bites, but not all of them.

Gila Monsters

Gila Monsters are the only venomous lizards found in the United States, though they can be found as far south as Sonora, Mexico. Typically, these animals are slow-moving and sluggish in nature, so your odds of being bitten by one aren’t high.

Bullet Ants

In the rainforests of Central and South America, there exists a species of ant commonly known as the Bullet Ant. They are large ants that grow to as much as 1.2 inches (30 mm) in length, making them one of the largest ant species.


While people in the west aren’t too concerned with being bitten by a monkey anytime soon, they’re fairly common throughout South America and Asia. Monkeys are a problem in densely populated areas, including Brazil, India, and Indonesia, so there are more people in danger of a bite than you might think.


Nobody wants to have a tick nibble on them, but they’re more often seen as pesky parasites than potential threats. Interestingly, unlike everything else on this list, when a tick bites a person, they’re unlikely to feel it or even notice. Ticks inject an anesthetic into the skin as soon as they pierce it to avoid detection.


Getting bitten/struck by any snake will be a memorable event in most people’s lives. After all, snakes carry two long hypodermic needles capable of delivering a large amount of venom. The fangs will hurt you, to be sure, but the real pain comes from the venom, and it can be brutal.

Tsetse Fly

For many people throughout the world, a fly is little more than a pest. Things are a little different in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is where you might encounter the Tsetse fly. These small flies are about the same size as a housefly, but unlike the peskier variety, Tsetse flies bite and feed on blood.


Yes, humans (not zombies) are one of the most dangerous things that can bite you. Of course, this isn’t to say that a toddler biting another on the playground is necessarily dangerous outside the tissue damage. Still, a bite from a human can be life-threatening for several reasons.


When a mosquito bites, it’s through a highly specialized mouth that includes six parts. You may think they just stab their proboscis into the skin and start sucking blood, but they only do this after their mandibles and maxillae are used to pierce the skin. So, in a way, they do bite down on you, though you’d never feel it.