Top 10 Strangest Things in the World

Ōkunoshima, the Rabbit Island

There is an island in Japan overcrowded by rabbits. This island was used during World War II as a military site to test the chemicals used against China, such as poison gas. It’s said that to test the effects of the poison, the military used the rabbits; but at the end of the war they all were released. As a result, today hundreds of rabbits roam all over the island and have become a tourist attraction, and a bunny lover’s paradise!

The Poo-powered Bus

Yes, as you read, there is a bus that is entirely powered by human faeces and food waste. The 40-seat Bio-Bus entered service in south west England in 2014. It’s fully powered by biomethane, which is generated through treatment of human faeces, wastewater and food waste. Moreover, today there are similar buses in other parts of Europe; so that, this is one of the strangest things in the world that you should know.

Big Major Cay, the curious Pig Beach

If you thought that the Rabbit Island was quite weird, then the next in these top 10 strangest things in the world will surprise you: an island populated by a colony of feral pigs! Known as the Pig Beach, this uninhabited island is located in Exuma, a district of the Bahamas. The funny thing is that the pigs love swimming in the sea; and although it isn’t known exactly how they got there, the fact is that they’re a great tourist attraction.

Anti-pervert hairy stockings

Chinese fashions always cause fury! This time they created some “anti-perverted” stockings. That is, hairy stockings to drive away perverts, stalkers, rapists and watchers during the summer. A very weird but fun idea to avoid sexual harassment; however, it seems that they only draw more attention.

Mike, the Headless Chicken

Yes, you read correctly. Now in this list of 10 strangest things in the world let’s talk about the Wyandotte chicken that survived 18 months without his head. Mike, also known as Miracle Mike, was a 5-month-old chicken that survived after his owner cut his head in 1945. The poor animal was alive since the axe removed the bulk of the head, but missed the jugular vein, leaving one ear and most of the brain stem intact.

The five-year-old mother

Lina Medina, born in 1933, is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history: she gave birth at the age of 5 years, 7 months and 21 days. The girl began menstruating when she turned 2 years old; and despite receiving many proposals to be investigated by scientists in the United States, the Peruvian government decreed Lina and her son in “moral danger”, for which the case was abandoned, and to this day the identity of the father is unknown. But yes, a 5-year-old girl became the youngest mother in the world and that’s why this is one of the 10 strangest things in the world that you should know.

The dogs with blue tongue

It exists a dog breed with blue tongue: The Chow Chow. There are many theories about why these Chinese dogs have blue tongue. According to the Chinese legend, the Chow Chow was a dragon dog who loved the day but hated the night. One night, tired of the darkness, he began to lick the sky to finish the obscurity. The gods got angry and punished the dog with the blue tongue. Quite picturesque, isn’t it?

The human Barbie

This is something that surely you already know because it has been very trendy since 2012. The human Barbie exists; she’s Ukrainian and her name is Valeria Lukyanova. Although the model assures that her appearance is 100 percent natural, it’s evident that to achieve it, she had to undergo multiple surgeries that make her look like a real-life Barbie today.

Animals can be left or right-handed

A very curious question is whether left-handed animals exist. Well the answer is yes, even the tendency to use both limbs is greater than in humans. Perhaps it’s only due to better muscle coordination with the leg they use more often for a particular task. A curious fact is that some studies have confirmed that 50% of chimpanzees are right-handed, and the other left-handed. However, in captivity, most are right-handed because they imitate their human caretakers.

The best spy in the world

To conclude with these Top 10 strangest things in the world, let’s talk about something that you surely had no idea: the best spy in the world was 58 cm! His name was Richebourg and the secret of his success resided in his height, thus he disguised himself as a baby and managed to cross the enemy lines in the hands of some collaborator during the French Revolution. Richebourg is proof that you can always take advantage of your disadvantages.