Top 10 Species that Shouldn’t Exist


If looks could kill, the shoebill, also known as the whale-head stork, could have you dead in seconds. One crazy-looking foul, the shoebill gets its name from its gigantic shoe-shaped bill that easily earns it the ‘ugliest bird award.’


If you always wonder what ‘aliens’ look like, you might want to look at aye-ayes first to get a rough idea. The Madagascan Aye-aye is an endangered lemur that looks like a panda, rat, and raccoon hybrid. 


Australia is home to some peculiar creatures but the duck-billed platypus tops the list for the weirdest species ever. Since their discovery, scientists have wondered how they should classify the platypus.

Mantis Shrimp

The mantis shrimp or ‘Stomatopod’ is one of the most beautiful sea creatures… predisposed to violent outbursts.

Horror Frog

If mother nature ever produced a horror movie, this aptly named horror frog would be the perfect villain. Also called the ‘hairy frog,’ this scary-looking croaker from Central Africa.


The pangolin looks like it’s always ready for war. Its scales might be the most efficient armor ever naturally created, giving this insect-eating mammal from Africa and Asia one tough exterior.


The axolotl or the ‘Mexican walking fish’ is an adorable-looking amphibian whose regenerative abilities still shock scientists. The axolotl is a salamander that lives in aquatic environments in Mexico.

Musk Deer

Musk deer, also known as the ‘fanged deer’ is a standalone vegetarian with a striking look. Unlike most deer with antlers as their most recognizable feature, the musk deer took the road less traveled.


The Kea parrot is a clever parrot with a craving for meat. Despite its colorful wings, it’s one of the most dangerous birds ever

Hooded Pitohui

Topping off the list of species that shouldn’t exist is the pitohui, one of the few toxic birds of the world.