Top 10 Animals that Can Kill a Lion


Nile crocodiles are the second-largest reptiles in the world, beaten out only by saltwater crocodiles. Like lions, they are apex predators; no animal actively hunts Nile crocs for food.

Black mambas

You’ve probably heard of black mambas. This is possibly because of Uma Thurman’s character in “Kill Bill,” but more likely because they’re considered the scariest snake in all of Africa.


Hyenas have become a bit of a joke. Whether it’s because of their supposed laughter, their famous portrayal by Whoopi Goldberg and Cheech Marin, their reputations as cowardly scavengers.


Rhinos are complicated. On the one hand, they’re some of the easiest poaching targets out there, as they’ll often laze around watering holes as big, motionless targets.


This is a weird one, because there is almost no habitat overlap between lions and tigers, with three exceptions.


It’s no surprise that elephants, the largest living land animals, can take down lions. From sheer size alone, elephants have no natural predators.

African Buffalo

When you think of African wildlife, you tend to think of anything but the African buffalo, or Cape buffalo. It’s not nearly as famous as the rhino, elephant, hippo, or giraffe.


It’s hard to top the African buffalo. In fact, when it comes to megafauna, there’s only one animal in Africa that kills more people (and other animals, not for predation): the hippopotamus.


No, this isn’t some conservationist warning about the moral void that is poaching—but poaching is bad. So set aside “poaching,” this is different.


It’s true: mosquitos aren’t the coolest animal, or the biggest, fastest, or strongest. But what they lack in… everything likable, they make up for in deadliness.