Things Dogs Can Smell That Humans Can’t


It’s true! Cindy Otto, Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center, is currently training eight Labrador Retrievers to sniff out COVID-19.


Dogs have an extraordinary ability to track down people by smell, which is why they are used in missing person searches.


“Scientists have confirmed that dogs can smell cancer in its early stages, specifically lung and breast cancer,” explains pet expert Peter Laskay.

Ovulation and pregnancy

Since dogs are sensitive to the smells in our urine, it would make sense that they can smell our hormones as well.


Dogs often understand our emotions better than we can. “When we have changes in our emotions, our hormones change as well

Bed bugs

Bed bugs produce an odor from their scent glands that is only noticeable to humans in very large quantities like when you have an infestation.


“New research conducted by scientists at Lund University in Sweden and Lorand University in Hungary have discovered that dogs actually have sensory cells at the ends of their noses that act as sort of infrared sensors,” says Jones.

Natural disasters

You may have noticed that your dog acts differently when a big storm is approaching.


Scent detection dogs are conditioned and trained to detect a certain chemical. “This scent largely goes undetected to our weaker noses,”


Dogs are able to detect a change in blood glucose levels just from a person’s breath which can be especially crucial to those with diabetes.