The Foods Queen Elizabeth Eats Every Day to Live to 96 Years Old

The Queen starts her day with a cup of hot Earl Grey tea with milk, no sugar, and a few biscuits. In England, cookies or crackers are called biscuits.

Tea and biscuits

After bathing and dressing, the queen eats her official breakfast which consists of cold cereal, her favorite is rumored to be Special K. Sometimes toast and marmalade is also on the table. Eggs are a rarity.


Lunch is simple and follows a high-protein, low-carb pattern. McGrady told The Telegraph that grilled Dover sole or Scottish salmon served with spinach and zucchini is one of her favorites. She is also known to enjoy a simple salad with grilled chicken.


Afternoon tea is a must, according to a Cosmopolitan piece. Royal biographer, Katie Nicholl, is quoted as saying that cucumber sandwiches, fruit cake, and more Earl Grey tea are on the menu.

Afternoon Tea

According to the Daily Mail, McGrady said that the queen has a "no starch" rule for dinner when she is dining alone. More grilled or poached fish is on the menu with salad and vegetables. "That's it. That's all she has," Grady said to CNN.


Sometimes dessert is on the menu. While fresh fruit from her gardens is often served, think strawberries from Balmoral Castle or fresh peaches from Windsor Castle greenhouses, Grady confides to CNN that Queen is a little bit of a chocoholic. But, he says, "It has to be the dark chocolate, the darker the better.