The Best Pet for You, Based on Your Zodiac

Aries tend to get bored quite easily and need a companion to match their energy. They are eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. An energetic and active dog breed such as a Dalmatian, Labrador Retriever, German shepherd, or Border Collie will be perfect for keeping an Aries on their toes.


Just like most cats, Tauruses love to lounge around and enjoy the simple things in life. The pair can lie together and enjoy a warm patch of sunlight while taking a nap. Taurus are known for being strong, dependable, sensual, and creative, just like your favorite feline.


Geminis are talkative, expressive, and curious. What could be better for this sign than an animal that talks back? A bird such as a parrot could be a fun confidant to share ideas and words, while keeping both of you intellectually engaged.


Cancers are protective, intuitive, sentimental, and compassionate. They value home life and comfort, so a cuddly bunny would make this sensitive sign feel even more at home.


“While it may seem cliche to say a cat for Leos, I do see a special affinity!” says Farrar. Leos (the Lion sign) are dramatic, outgoing, fiery, and self-assured. This sign channels the fierce side of cats, unlike the Taurus who emulates more of the sensual side.


Virgos crave order and simplicity. This loyal, analytical, and practical sign would thrive with a small hamster, as Virgos love to spend time alone. Easy to clean up after, low-maintenance, and requiring little attention, hamsters would be the perfect pet for any Virgo.


Libras are true romantics. A pair of lovebirds embodies the sweetness and beauty of a Libra.


“Scorpios often connect with the reptilian side of us and teach us to shed what no longer serves us…a lesson from Scorpio itself,” explains Farrar. Any reptile, scorpion, or spider could match the intensity of your inner Scorpio.


A Sagittarius is an adventurous being that loves hiking and being outside. Like an Aries, a lively dog would suit this sign. A Jack Russell terrier, Siberian Husky, or Australian shepherd would make a great hiking partner.


This hard-working earth sign flourishes on stability and routine, so a simple pet such as a guinea pig would be a great match. A guinea pig is easy to take care of, making it a practical choice for a practical sign. They are serious, disciplined, and independent just like the Capricorn.


An Aquarius is a quirky, fun-loving, original, and imaginative person, so a non-traditional pet would match their playful personality. A miniature pig could add a freshness to the life of an Aquarius that they need to prosper.


This water sign, symbolized by a fish, would do well with their own aquarium. A Pisces is affectionate, empathetic, wise, and artistic. The underwater oasis could bring a new perspective and inspiration to their life.