Should I Get A Dog?

How Much Time Can You Devote?

Every dog, regardless of breed, size, or age, requires some daily exercise and enrichment.

How Much Will A Dog Cost?

While you don't have to be a millionaire to own a dog, they are an expensive investment.

How Will A Dog Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

When picturing a dog in your life, consider your family's current and future lifestyle.

Can You Be A Responsible Dog Owner?

 A responsible dog owner is someone who proactively plans for their dogs' needs and ensures that those needs are met to the best of their ability.

How Will You Train Your Dog?

Dogs are not pre-programmed. Even the most laid-back dogs need to be trained on a regular basis.

Is Your Home Fitted For A Dog?

Some dogs do not require a large home with a fenced-in backyard, which is why your current living situation must be considered.

Will You Choose The Right Dog For Your Life?

When considering prospective breeds, consider what this dog was bred to do, how energetic they are, what their grooming needs are, and how their general temperament may (or may not) fit with your family.

Can You Realistically Care For A Dog?

The idea of having a dog or puppy is appealing, but the reality is not. Not everyone can have a dog at all stages of their lives.