Sheep Unexpectedly Gives Birth To Four Lambs

Amy Hill and her family live and work on the beautiful Snowy River Farms in Nova Scotia, Canada. In 2017, Amy's most beloved sheep, a 10-year-old ewe named Dotty, fell ill.

Dotty had gotten pregnant, but Amy and her medical team suspected her two lambs were stillborn inside of her. Dotty was very sick.

But one morning, Amy walked into the barn and was absolutely shocked to see a small wet lamb running across the hay — a lamb she'd never seen before, mind you. "That doesn't make any sense!" Amy thought.2

Then, Amy ran over to the side of the barn... and her jaw dropped when she saw three more babies, soaking wet, surrounding mom Dotty.

Dotty's previous pregnancies all resulted in twins. But this time, much to Amy's surprise, she had been carrying four healthy lambs the entire time!

In the clip below, you'll meet Dotty's rare quadruplet lambs, three boys and one girl. And they are so. Freaking. Adorable.