Secret Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast

You know how you can delay eating for hours on some days without feeling all that hungry, but if you have even a little morsel of food, you suddenly feel famished for more?

You will slow down your metabolism

A healthy breakfast can not only give you the energy and nutrients your body needs to launch itself into the day, but it can also stabilize blood sugar levels to stave off feelings of hunger and associated irritability throughout the day

You'll feel hungrier later

Studies overwhelmingly find that eating a majority of one's daily calories in the morning is the best way to shed pounds or maintain a stable weight, reports Life Hack. On the other hand, eating larger meals closer to bedtime is correlated with gain weight.

It may cause weight gain

The stronger and more energized your body, the stronger and more energized your immune system. A healthy breakfast can foster a robust, healthy immune response when you come into contact with any manner of bacteria or virus.

Your immune system is weakened

You can file this one in both the "decidedly unexpected" and "definitely unwelcome" columns, but habitually skipping breakfast can lead to hair loss, says The Health Site.

It may cause hair loss

A study of women 18-45 years old showed increased cortisol levels among breakfast skippers. Cortisol is often called the "stress hormone," says the Mayo Clinic.

Your stress levels will spike

Do you often suffer intense headaches in the afternoons? It could be the fact that you're not eating a proper breakfast. According to Tata Health

You may cause intense headaches

According to Life Hack, it takes a good three hours for a human body to digest foods, so if you compensate for a skipped breakfast at the start of the day with a larger-than-usual dinner at the end of the day, you will almost surely go to bed with undigested or semi-digested food in your system.

You may bring on nighttime indigestion

There are all sorts of acute problems caused by skipping breakfast, such as headaches and sugar cravings but the insidious side effects of missed morning meals can have much larger, longer-term effects on your health as well.

You increase your risk for developing Type 2 diabetes