Ranking the 7 Worst Decisions of the 2022 NFL Offseason

Backup tight end Will Dissly will apparently be a significant piece of that process, as the Seahawks gave him a three-year, $24 million contract shortly after the Wilson trade.

7. Seahawks Overpay for Will Dissly

While the Seahawks are set to overpay Dissly, the Dallas Cowboys aren't set to pay wideout Amari Cooper at all. They wanted out from under his five-year, $100 million deal and let it slip that Cooper would be traded or cut this offseason.

6. Cowboys Trade Amari Cooper for Peanuts

Here, we have another bad trade, though this one doesn't involve a player who was likely on the way out anyway. The New England Patriots dealt starting guard Shaq Mason to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a paltry fifth-round pick. They didn't even get a sixth-round swap as part of the deal.

5. Patriots Help Tom Brady

The Patriots did add a new interior lineman by grabbing Strange on the draft's opening night. Before they did that, though, they traded down from the 21st pick, getting only the 29th, 94th and 121st selections in return.

4. Patriots Trade Down, Make a Strange Pick

Many have and will rightfully continue to criticize the Browns for acquiring Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson this offseason.

3. Falcons' Alienation of Matt Ryan

As is the case with Strange, we're not here to attack former Georgia defensive lineman Travon Walker (scouting report). He deserves a chance to prove himself, but he's going to have to prove a lot after the Jacksonville Jaguars took him first overall.

2. Jaguars Make a Risky Pick at No. 1

The Washington Commanders' trade for quarterback Carson Wentz might not seem as risky as the Walker pick on the surface, but it could have even bigger long-term consequences.

1. Commanders Overpay for Carson Wentz