Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds That Don’t Exist Anymore


The Talbot was a once-popular hunting hound found throughout England during the Middle Ages.

St. John’s Water Dog

St. John’s water dog was a breed found in Newfoundland, which likely came into existence sometime in the late-16th century.

Grand Fauve De Bretagne

The Grand Fauve de Bretagne was a breed of scenthound used to hunt wolves and wild boars throughout Brittany.

Russian Tracker

For centuries, the Russian Tracker was used to herd flocks of sheep throughout the Caucasus Mountains.

Blue Paul Terrier

The Blue Paul Terrier was a Scottish breed with a violent history. The dogs were bred primarily for fighting, though their exact origin remains something of a mystery.

Rastreador Brasileiro

The Rastreador Brasileiro was a large Brazillian breed first recognized in 1967, making it one of the newest breeds to go extinct.

Turnspit Dog

While many dogs were bred in the Middle Ages for specific purposes, they were most often used for hunting.

Argentine Polar Dog

The Argentine Polar Dog is not a breed many were familiar with while it was around. However, it was nonetheless popular and essential for a select group of people.

English White Terrier

In the 1860s, an eager group of breeders dubbed the name “English White Terrier” for a new breed of dog they hoped to popularize. The English White Terrier is a pricked-ear version of the white terriers common during that time.


The Molossus was an ancient breed of dog favored by the Greek tribe and Kingdom of the Molossians, which is where it gets its name.