Ncuti Gatwa Explains How He Landed The Role Of Doctor Who

Ncuti Gatwa was recently announced as the 14th Doctor in beloved BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who and fans are thrilled.

Speaking to LADbible on the BAFTA red carpet, the Sex Education star explained how he felt about taking on the iconic role. Watch below:

Quite rightly, Gatwa was excited about the role, saying that he was 'very over the moon'.

He continued: "It’s really exciting – I'm so happy to finally talk about it! Because it’s been a long time that I’ve known, and so yeah I’m happy that it’s out.

"I’m so grateful to be sharing the tenureship with Russell as well, he’s just the most incredible writer. I really fell in love with his writing in terms of watching the show. I just think he’s incredible, and so I feel very honoured to be part of it."

And speaking of that incredible audition, Davies explained how Gatwa got an 'instant yes' from him and everyone else he met.

Speaking of the process, Davies said: "It was an audition. He walked in to audition and it was the last person to audition – I thought we had someone else and then he came and it was like, ‘Wow. That’s it.’

"And then I have to take that to all my bosses, and then at every stage, I’m thinking, ‘Please like him, please like him.’ And every single person loved him.

"It was the easiest casting process in the world. Instant yeses. I was so pleased."

And the showrunner expects fans to love Gatwa too: "I honestly think people are going to love him. What I see in him is unlimited potential. I think he could do anything, take him anywhere.