Man Loses It When Confronted At Park For Leaving Dog

Many Chicago dog owners love to take their furry friends to Fred Anderson Dog Park. In 2017, a woman named Deborah brought her pup there and expected another normal day... but it was anything but.

An unnamed man arrived that same Thursday morning, only to leave his dog there completely unattended. Deborah and the other park-goers couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

The dog, who had no tags or ID, reportedly looked visibly nervous and confused as he watched his human walk off without him. As the minutes passed, the witnesses became more and more concerned — so they called a local animal rescue for help.

“I felt he was abandoned,” Deborah told CBS Chicago. Over 30 minutes later, the man returned. That's when Deborah took out her phone and confronted him on camera. The man didn't want to hear what she had to say, but Deborah refused to let him go without trying to teach him a lesson.

She faced his onslaught of verbal abuse from the angry man, but she says her only concern was for the dog. "The dog park is not daycare," she wrote on Facebook. "Another owner said that she has seen him do this before. Leaving the dog alone like this was irresponsible and dangerous for it. It was obviously stressed that the owner did this as it was constantly at the gate looking for him; one time getting out into the entrance fenced in area."