How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

On average, a manicure with acrylic will last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

What to Avoid

There are several ways to maintain your finger healthy over the weeks before getting them refilled.

Tools You Will Need

To successfully remove acrylic nails, you’ll require a few tools. In preparation, you’ll need a set of nail clippers, metal cuticle pusher, a nail file and buffer, 98% acetone polish remover, aluminum foil, cotton wool, and petroleum jelly or cuticle oil.

Step 1

Remove Shine

Step 2

Acetone, Cotton Wool and Foil Wrap

Step 3

Leave in for 10-15 Minutes

Step 4

Remove Acrylic with Cuticle Pusher

Step 5

File and Shape the Nails

Step 6

Buff the Nails

Step 7

Apply Top Coat

Step 8

Moisturize Cuticles with Nourishing Oil