How to Donate Hair to Those in Need

Millions of people suffer from hair loss, whether due to stress, hereditary reasons, aging, illness or other circumstances.

Individuals donate their hair for a variety of reasons, but one constant remains the same: the positive impact such an act can have.

Why do people donate hair?

-Hair We Share -Locks of Love -Wigs for Kids -Chai Lifeline -Angel Hair For Kids

Where is the best place to donate hair?

If you’re wondering how long your hair needs to be to donate it, every organization has its own requirements. Generally, a minimum of ten to twelve inches is requested.

How to know if you’re eligible to donate hair

Colored or permed hair is acceptable, but hair that was cut off years ago is no longer eligible for use — it must be freshly chopped.

Locks of Love donation info

Coily hair donations are not accepted, but Hair We Share does work with other hair types to create texture.

Hair We Share donation info

Yes, men can donate hair. In fact, Hair We Share has seen a large increase in donations from men during the pandemic.

Can men donate hair?

When cutting hair to be donated, it's best to section it into multiple ponytails first, as the more ponytails there are, the more length the organization will be able to obtain for the wig.

How do I donate hair?

If you’re not able to donate hair, many organizations appreciate support through monetary donations.

How can people help if they can't donate hair?