How to Create an Egg Hunt for Your Dog

Egg hunts are a memorable springtime tradition for kids, but children aren’t the only ones who like hunting for treats. Setting up a dog-friendly “egg hunt” is a great way to test your pup’s sense of smell and scent game skills.

Any good plastic egg hunt needs at least two things – treat-filled eggs and willing participants. Plastic eggs are an ideal option for hiding little snacks for your dog. They can, however, pose some risks for dogs that you can avoid with some planning.

Assemble Your Dog-Friendly “Egg Hunt”

Your dog relies on their nose to find rewards, so choose treats with an enticing smell that you know your dog enjoys. As you progress throughout the hunt, reward your dog for discovering new “eggs” or treats with an excited voice to keep them motivated.

Choose Your Dog Treats

If you’re doing your own “egg hunt” at home, and have your dog safely contained, then a leash is optional. For a publicly organized dog “egg hunt,” participants will likely have leash rules they must adhere to.

Watch and Manage Your Dog During the Hunt

“Egg hunts” can be a fun, indoor/outdoor activity for the whole family, but just be certain you don’t mix up the chocolate you use for children’s egg hunts with your dog-treat “eggs.”

Not All Egg Hunts Are Created Equal

Now that you’re set with all the knowledge you need, about egg hunts, it’s time to get started. Happy hunting!