How Menopause Changes Your Skin

Menopause can cause acne, sun spots and wrinkles to appear simultaneously, but there are many treatments to handle them.

“In the first five years of menopause, a woman can lose approximately 30% of her skin’s collagen, causing a loss of firmness which contributes to the development of wrinkles and jowls,” says Dr. Marmon.

Looser, thinner skin and fine lines

-Protect your skin from the sun -Try taking a doctor-prescribed estrogen supplement -Try using an estrogen topical cream -Use OTC skincare products that include retinol or peptides -See a dermatologist about tretinoin, laser treatments or chemical peels

The treatments:

As mentioned above, estrogen promotes water retention and plumpness in your skin. So when your E-levels drop, your skin might get brittle and require more TLC.

Brittle and dry skin

-Up your moisturizing game -Wash with mild cleansers

The treatments:

The increased prevalence of androgens relative to estrogen can cause pimples and blemishes to pop up especially along the jawline, according to Dr. Marmon.

Adult acne

-Ask about prescription acne medications -Try using a salicylic acne wash

The treatments:

“Your whole life, you're getting damaged from the sun and from pollution” says Dr. Hooper. “So as your skin gets thinner it reveals a little bit of the trouble beneath and brown spots become more apparent.”

Age spots

-Use sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen -Ask your dermatologist about age spot treatments

The treatments:

Thinner skin from sun damage, aging and menopause tends to get bruise more easily, too, says Dr. Hooper.

Bruising easily

-Ask about hormone treatment -Apply sunscreen -Try a retinoid cream

The treatments: