Foolproof Ways To Lose Weight Without "Exercising"

Getting in daily physical activity is important for just about everyone at every age and stage of life.

Not only will a little workout boost your energy level and mood, but being physically active can also increase your longevity.

In addition, daily exercise can help you sleep better and prevent many health conditions, including some forms of cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and more.

First off, if you're looking to lose weight without exercising, Liu suggests playing a sport. Bring a fun activity back into your life like tennis or bowling, or try something totally new! Pickleball, for example, has been gaining so much popularity recently—and for good reason.

Get involved in a fun sport

There are also a few sneaky ways to get in extra steps during the day without feeling as though you are actually "exercising." For one thing, try taking the stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible.

Opt for the stairs over the elevator

Another super easy thing to do is plan long walks with friends. Walks don't really feel like your typical exercise, because you can talk, enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage, and catch up on so many things.

Plan long walks with friends

We're not done yet! Doing chores around your house and simple cleaning is a perfect way to torch those calories away.

Take advantage of house cleaning and chores

These are just a few easy examples, but the opportunities to get active without hitting the gym are endless. Liu also points out simple things like hauling your groceries from your car back into the house in one shot.

The opportunities to get active outside the gym are endless