June 29, 2020


Earn More Money, According to Your Zodiac


Pursue a start-up

Traits to harness: Leadership and drive.  Obstacles to overcome: Arrogance or bullishness. Aries can have a very type-A personality. Getting too caught up in the moment and cocky could be your downfall. Being an entrepreneur is hard—don’t get in your own way. Perfect side hustles: Coach, firefighter, real estate agent


Ask for a raise

Trait to harness: Determination.  Obstacle to overcome: Stubbornness.  Perfect side hustles: Financial assistant, graphic designer, custom jeweler, fashion or hairstylist



Traits to harness: Effective communication and sociability.  Obstacle to overcome: Short attention span.  Perfect side hustles: Public relations or marketing consultant, freelance writer, party planner


Try remote work

Trait to harness: Ability to maintain strong relationships.  Obstacle to overcome: Tendency to be emotional or take things personally.  Perfect side hustles: Physical therapist, yoga instructor, guidance counselor


Show initiative

Trait to harness: Outgoing and charismatic personality. Leo is a charmer who loves being the best. Obstacle to overcome: Tendency to be a show-off.  Perfect side hustles: Comedian, DJ, motivational speaker


Organize and optimize

Traits to harness: Analytical mind and aptitude for organization.  Obstacles to overcome: Self-doubt and inability to relax. Perfect side hustles: Event planner, editor, personal assistant


Be decisive

Trait to harness: Good judgment. Obstacle to overcome: Desire to please everyone.  Perfect side hustles: Counselor, publicist, brand marketing consultant


Tone it down

Trait to harness: Passion. Scorpio is known to be one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac. Obstacle to overcome: Distrust. Perfect side hustles: Musician, private detective, psychotherapist


Engage with clients

Trait to harness: Outgoing and pleasant nature.  Obstacle to overcome: Overconfidence or pretension. You’re sophisticated and skilled, but you can sometimes come off as a know-it-all. Perfect side hustles: Personal trainer, vacation planner, salesperson


Embrace teamwork

Trait to harness: Ambitious yet practical nature.  Obstacle to overcome: Lack of social skills.  Perfect side hustles: Data analyst, architect, financial planner


Take a chance

Trait to harness: Innovative nature. Obstacle to overcome: Irritability. As one of the most intelligent zodiac signs, Aquarius can get testy when others challenge or get in the way of their vision. Perfect side hustles: Inventor, humanitarian organizer, computer programmer


Trust your intuition

Traits to harness: Empathy and individuality. Obstacles to overcome: Shyness and sensitivity. Empathy is great, but being too sensitive or timid can impede your progress. Perfect side hustles: Artist, social media influencer, private tutor