Early Spring Flowers Will Combat the Winter Blues

Also called galanthus, these bulbs must be planted in the fall for an early springtime show, often appearing when snow is still on the ground in northern climates (thus the name!).


These charming annuals come in every shade of the rainbow, and their tiny “faces” are adorable. Plant violas and pansies in pots, baskets, and window boxes to brighten your early spring garden.

Pansy and Viola

This lesser-known sweetly fragrant shrub is a real charmer in the springtime landscape in southern climates. Daphne shrubs bloom in late winter to early spring.

Daphne Shrub

Winter jasmine is a low-maintenance shrub with arching branches that are loaded with bright yellow flowers in late winter to early spring. It may bloom as early as February in some climates.

Winter Jasmine

This tiny—but mighty—annual is sweetly scented and a favorite of pollinators. Layer sweet alyssum with spring bulbs or other more upright flowers that tolerate the cold, such as snapdragons.

Sweet Alyssum

This shrub is one of the first signs of spring, breaking bud in late winter to early spring. Like all willows, they prefer wet areas.

Pussy Willow

This beautiful shrub is one of the first to bloom in spring in shades of pink, red, or peach. It works well as a border planting. Newer varieties are thornless so they're easier to handle. Full sun.

Flowering Quince

Every spring garden needs these sunny yellow blooms! They come in sizes ranging from six inches to two feet tall, and they bloom at different times from early to late spring.


These early spring bloomers have gorgeous, almost unreal-looking blossoms. There are many different types of magnolias, some which are evergreen and some which are deciduous, which means they shed their leaves.

Deciduous Magnolia

Wallflowers come in almost every color of the rainbow and have a lovely fragrance. Plant them right after the last expected frost date.