Don’t Bark at Your Dog! Why to Avoid the Dangerous TikTok Trend

We all love seeing videos of dogs on social media, but sometimes the quest to try and go viral, or to get more “likes” can lead to people making decisions that are harmful to dogs.

The “bark at your dog” trend has become very popular on TikTok, with millions of views on videos from dozens of popular users.

Dangerous Trend

Seeing these popular videos inspires people to try this at home with their own dogs, hoping to capture a “funny” response from their dog to upload onto TikTok.

The problem is that while the videos the challenge inspires might be getting a lot of attention, the challenge involves engagement that can be very stressful, or upsetting for dogs.

Unfortunately, the popular “funny” responses that people are trying to get from their dogs in order to post, are actually not funny at all.

The main problem with this TikTok trend is that that the challenge is rooted in causing confusion, fear, or discomfort for the dog. Every dog is going to react differently to this trend depending on their mood and overall temperament, but in general, this is not an activity to do with your dog.

Breaking Down the Trend

In fact, there are much safer and more enjoyable Tik Tok trends to try with your dog. Most dogs become surprised or shocked by unexpected behavior from their owners.

The first dangerous component of this challenge is that it begins with people getting very close to their dog and possibly invading their personal space. While many dogs are very comfortable sitting near their people, or on their laps, this isn’t always the case.

Invading Personal Space

In addition to people getting very physically close to their dog, part of the video trend involves someone making and maintaining eye contact with the dog. For dogs, making and holding eye contact can be interpreted as threatening.

Eye Contact

As the name implies, a core component of the “bark at your dog” TikTok trend is for owners to bark in their dog’s face to try and elicit a reaction. Barking in your dog’s face can be confusing, stressful, or even be seen as threatening.

Barking At Dogs

Unfortunately, the barking at your dog TikTok trend isn’t the only trending challenge on TikTok that involves upsetting dogs to video how they respond. Another current popular trend involves pretending to be very surprised or startled and screaming to see how your dog will respond.

Assessing Safety