Dog Saves Owner By Leading Rescuers To Car Crash Site

Most of us didn't need further proof that we don't deserve dogs, but if you did here's the story you've been looking for.

Travellers on the Interstate 89 highway in Vermont spotted a very good doggo trotting along the road.

Worried about how the pup would survive on a highway at night, they called the state troopers who attended the road at 10pm and spotted the pooch.

When they approached the dog it continued to run down the road towards an intersection.

Luckily they followed it, because Tinsley, the best dog in the whole world, was leading them to a damaged part of the highway's railing where her owner had come off the road and wrecked his car.

Tinsley had been in the car when it crashed, however she managed to escape the wreckage, head up to the road, and attract the attention of passers-by.