Creative Vertical Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

What's better than being able to snip off fresh herbs while you're cooking? This simple but elegant-looking hanging planter idea can dress up any bright window in your kitchen.

Hanging Wall Planters

Remember that vertical doesn't have to mean complicated. Lash together several pieces of bamboo to create an obelisk or rustic tuteur. Or get thrifty with long limbs salvaged from your yard.

Bamboo Trellis

Bet you never thought you could turn $5 hanging planters into something this gorgeous! A flat-finish paint, some sturdy rope, and washi tape help get the job done.

DIY Vertical Hanging Planter Garden

Landscape fabric and cactus potting mix are two of the secret ingredients in this easy DIY succulent garden. It would look lovely on a mantel, in a bedroom, or on the wall of a dining room.

DIY Succulent Vertical Garden

Empty plastic containers make up the base of these chic planters. Of if you can't find the right sizes, invest in inexpensive plastic pots and convert to become hanging planters.

Upcycled Vertical Garden

Here's a super-simple way to add height: Lean an old ladder against the wall and use it as tiered shelving for plants. This wouldn't be hard to DIY with landscape timbers.

Ladder Shelving

No space to garden? This strawberry tower is so easy to make from inexpensive plastic piping. Cut out tiny sections (because strawberries don't need much soil to thrive) and stand up the whole thing up in a weighted clay pot.

DIY Strawberry Tower

Spray painted tin cans make for absolutely adorable, not to mention, extremely affordable, planters.

Tin Can Fence Garden

Grow your herbs right where you need them—in your kitchen, of course! You can easily customize this tutorial by purchasing pots that match your own decor.

Modern Kitchen Garden