Woman wakes up to find strange dog in bed

A Tennessee couple recently woke up to find a friendly dog in their bed. Much to their surprise, they soon realized the dog did not belong to them.

The couple seemingly acquired a fourth furry friend when they awoke one morning, and subsequently laughed it off before posting pictures of the lounging lady online to try and find her family.

The couple deduced that they must have left the back door unlocked and open by mistake, but it was still a mystery as to how the dog managed to enter without a peep.

After posting the pictures to Facebook, Julie learned the dog’s name is Nala and that she lived almost two miles away.

She said: "At first, I was a little scared. Who wouldn’t be? A big scary-looking brown dog, but within 10 seconds we knew she was friendly.

Nala’s surprise visit gained some major attention on social media and was even covered on Good Morning America.

The family has kept in touch with Nala since discovering her in their bedroom.