Body language expert analyzes Amber Heard's first day

Amber Heard's body language betrayed her conflicting emotions as she took the stand yesterday for the first time in her blockbuster defamation trial with Johnny Depp, an expert has said.

The actress, 36, finally had the chance to counter her ex-husband's claims that he was an innocent victim of domestic abuse, as she recalled how the Pirates of the Caribbean star was repeatedly violent towards her.

The Aquaman star wept as she told the Virginia courthouse how she was repeatedly hit by the jealous Depp who performed a 'cavity search' on her for cocaine after ripping off her clothes, during her testimony in the bombshell trial.

Body language expert Judi James told MailOnline that it is difficult to read the emotions from the A-list case, as both of them are actors who know how to play a captivated worldwide audience.

The defendants will likely have been trained by their legal team in advance of their testimonies, but slight movements or expressions can give away their true feelings, while not fully revealing their guilt or innocence.

When Heard first took the stand, she deliberately addressed her answers smilingly towards the jury in an attempt to 'humanize' her and create an emotional bond.

But during the often graphic testimony, the actress portrayed her emotion by appearing to sob and scrunching her nose, without actually crying.

Her hand gestures were 'congruous' with her words, often used for expression before her words, which is usually 'a sign of authenticity', Judi said.

She also stared down Depp who escaped her gaze, which could either be seen as a dominant power play or an attempt at openness and honesty.