Best Sew-In Hairstyles to Try

Interested in getting a sew-in but love your natural texture? No worries, this curly installation by StyleSeat stylist Erinn Courtney allows you to rock your natural texture while protecting your curls.

Curly Sew-in

Angela Simmons is a huge fan of sew ins (so much so that she is a brand ambassador for hair extensions brand Yummy extensions).

Traditional Sew-in

Gabrielle Union has been a lover of protective styles for years. She's been known to rock weaves, wigs, braids and her natural hair.

Auburn Highlights

Nicki Minaj has become known for her loud colored wigs and Rapunzel-worthy long bundles. For Nicki, sew-ins are not only a protective style but low maintenance in comparison to doing her own natural hair.

Inches and Bundles

One of the benefits of wearing sew-ins? You can experiment with various colors without risking damage.

Ginger Spice

Bubblegum pink hair is more than a spring hairstyle. Dyeing bundles pink requires virgin hair to be bleached blonde to create a base for the bubblegum pink pigment.

Bubblegum Pink

Blue hair is bold, vibrant and versatile — and always a good idea. This icy blue shade is more than just a fun hair color: it's a statement.

Icy Blue

When deciding between going brunette or going blonde, bronde is the happy medium. This ombre of blonde and brown hair creates warmth and dimension at the same time.

Bronde Ombre

If your favorite emoji is fire, then this orange ombre color is perfect! The ombre color adds dimension to the hair and gives the illusion of more volume.

Orange Ombre