5 Best Carbs to Shrink Belly Fat

"This is my favorite. It's not only cheap, but it has a combination of high fiber and high protein needed to feel full on lower calories," says Valdez. "When it comes to belly fat, excess calories are the enemy."

Whole wheat bread made with high protein

"Soluble fiber is found in plant foods and has a gel-like consistency that slows down digestion, improves satiety and aids in blood sugar management. These benefits may aid in fat loss," says Michels.

Foods high in soluble fiber.

"In general, plain Greek Yogurt will be high in protein with 1 cup being around 20 grams of protein," says Valdez. "When it comes to carbs, it will be close to yogurt and cow's milk at about 10 grams of carbs.

Plain Greek yogurt

"Several probiotic strains (such as Bifidobacterium animalis, Bifidobacterium breve, Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus salivarius Ls-33) are linked to either lower body fat, belly fat, body weight, reduced waist, and hip circumference

Plain Greek yogurt

"Prebiotic fiber is defined as any fiber that feeds our good gut bacteria," says Michels. "Prebiotic fibers produce small chain fatty acids that feed the gut flora. Not all plant food fiber provides this additional benefit. Prebiotic fiber provides digestive and blood sugar management support, which may aid in fat loss."

Foods high in prebiotic fiber