Animals You Didn’t Know Could Fly

Wild Turkeys

We tend to associate turkeys more with Thanksgiving than the skies. Generally, whenever you see a turkey in the wild, it’s on land. So it may come as a surprise that wild turkeys can actually fly albeit only short distances.

Flying snakes

The concept of a flying snake may leave some people petrified, but these animals do exist, predominantly found in South-East Asia.

Ballooning spiders

The concept of spiders ‘ballooning’ is one of the most creative in the animal world. It occurs in many species of light spiders, often the spiderlings.

Flying squid

It seems strange that a pelagic creature would fly but some members of the Ommastrephidae species, aka the aptly named flying squid, have evolved to do that.

Draco lizards

There’s something particularly cute about dracos, although that subsides a bit when they take flight. These tiny agamid lizards, related to iguanas.

Flying fish

There are 40 species of these marine fish which can actually fly, by propelling themselves out of the water and gliding.

Flying squirrels

National Geographic described these creatures as “living, breathing paper aeroplanes”. Flying squirrels cannot fly like a bird, but they instead glide utilising their “built-in parachute”.

Gliding ants

The spectacular thing about gliding ants is they are wingless, yet they have mastered a mode of flight. These arboreal insects have evolved to direct their fall from trees.

Chinese flying frog

Often also known as Blanford’s whipping frog, large treefrog or Denny’s whipping frog, these frogs are a relatively large tree-dwelling species. Despite their size, they’re able to achieve flight by gliding between trees.


There’s little known about these rays, collectively known as “devil rays”. However, what they are known for is their belly flops. Scientists sometimes refer to them as ocean acrobats.