Animals You Are Terrified Of

Camel Spiders

Starting off strong with a creature that’s certainly terrifying looking, a horrible alien from a sci-fi movie perhaps, solifuges or camel spiders, neither camels nor spiders, have more than a few urban legends going around about them.


While the fear in this case isn’t entirely unfounded, snakes are certainly misunderstood, and incredibly so.


Another animal that probably gets a severe reaction from many, the strange, alien-like body, large pincer-like pedipalps, and a tail that can inflict a venomous sting.


Fish that swarm large animals or even humans and tear them apart in mere moments, how could that not be terrifying?


This one is a bit tricky. Some cockroaches, the ones we know as pests, are certainly worthy of any indignant terror and hatred they spawn, living, vivid nightmares of many new apartment owners.


Hairy and massive, some of the largest spiders in the world, or, in the goliath birdeater tarantula’s case, largest in the world by mass and body length and only second in leg span.


Another filmstar, sharks are animals many people fear, though, realistically, you’d have more reasons to be afraid of dogs than these fascinating, large fish.


Bats have certainly always been divisive, some find them scary and even gross, others quite cool or adorable, but they’ve undoubtedly had a reputation for decades now.


While the list had a separate entry for tarantulas as a special and specific case, there’s really no group of animals more misunderstood than spiders as a whole.