Animals With Amazing Regeneration Powers

Sea Slug

Sea slugs are much more interesting than their name suggests. As well as being, well, slugs that live in the sea they have a variety of talents.

Sea Cucumbers

Sea cucumbers may look like slugs and live in the sea but they are not related to sea slugs.


For most animals being cut in half is a major problem. The planarian worms however just shrug it off – if they happen to be the half with a head to shrug.

Spiny Mice Skin

Mammals are not famous for their abilities to regenerate. Once wounded they tend to heal slowly and often with a mass of scar tissue as the result.


Few animals would enjoy being pushed through a sieve or put in a blender but for sponges it is just another day in the lab.

Lizard Tails

Autotomy is the process where an animal amputates one of its body parts. This is often done to help an animal escape a predator and one of the most famous, and slightly gruesome.


Several species of mammals, like deer and moose, grow impressive pairs of antlers. These can serve a variety of purposes.


Hydra are miniscule water-dwelling organisms with a simple structure. They have a head with stinging tentacles and a foot that can attach them to solid objects.


Regeneration is a trick common to many small organisms but it is far rarer in vertebrate animals but one, the Axolotl, is a master of it. These amphibians can regrow whole limbs, heal their spinal cords, regenerate their tails, and parts of their hearts and eyes.