Amazon Wants to Become Your Favorite Grocery Store

The largest e-commerce company in the United States is setting its sights on conquering a lucrative brick and mortar market: the $800 billion grocery business dominated by Walmart.

What's Out (and Then In)

Amazon is on a planned spending spree as it pushes to add its Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go shopping brands to the top of the national grocery-chain list, but it's also shutting down what apparently isn't working—six of the company's 511 Whole Food markets.

Amazon Is Getting Fresh

The first Fresh store opened in the summer of 2020 in Woodland Hills, Calif. Now numbering 30, with the last one opening May 5 in Murrieta, Calif., the stores are located in six states, with more to come

Amazon Is Ready to 'Go'

In addition to building itself as a grocery store chain, Amazon is keeping an eye on satisfying quick-trip suburban shoppers with the Amazon Go family of convenience stores. The first opened in 2018 in Seattle; today there are 24 stores nationwide, the latest in Mill Creek, Wash., north of Seattle.

At Amazon, You Can 'Just Walk Out'

Imagine walking into a neighborhood Amazon Fresh store, grabbing a cart, and sailing out when the shopping is done—all without waiting in a checkout line.

Amazon's 'Smart' Dash Carts

Biometric palm recognition, in-and-out without stopping for checkout, and up next in Amazon's tech lineup—the smart shopping cart.