9 Yoga Poses for Swimmers

Cat-cow stretches warm up your spine and help integrate the front and back bodies.

Cat-Cow Stretch

From your all-fours position, inhale to lift your right arm straight up toward the ceiling.

Shoulder Stretch

Return to all-fours. Extend your left leg toward the back of your mat, keeping your heel in line with your hip.

Hands and Knees Balance

Come back to all fours, then curl your toes under and straighten your legs to pull the hips back into downward facing dog.

Downward Facing Dog

On an inhalation, step your right foot forward next to your right hand. Lift your arms up toward the ceiling to come into a high lunge.

High Lunge

Release your hands behind your back and interlace your fingers. Draw your shoulder blades together on your back and puff up your chest.

Humble Warrior

Straighten your right leg and bring your arms parallel to the floor with the right arm going forward and the left arm back.

Triangle Pose

After you have done your standing poses on both sides, lower onto your belly for some locust pose variations.

Locust Pose

Roll onto your back for bridge pose. Bend your knees to set up your feet close to your buttocks. The feet should stay parallel throughout the pose.

Bridge Pose