9 Foolproof Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Still water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. "Get rid of all the containers on your property, dump the water out of them, and you get rid of mosquitoes," says Conlon.

Get rid of standing water.

"One misnomer that people generally have is that if they have a pond in their backyard, there are mosquitoes breeding in that pond," adds Conlon.

(But don't worry about your backyard pond!)

This is one of those rare times when being nosy actually benefits everyone. "If a neighbor has standing water that has not been taken care of, consider contacting your local health department," says Will Sowards of travel health company Passport Health.

Survey the neighborhood.

If you're going to be slathering on sunblock and bug spray, apply them in that order.

Apply sunscreen before insect repellent.

Not all nets are created equal! If you've got a canopy bed setup on your hands and want maximum protection while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic, opt for this easy-to-drape net.

Give your mosquito net some glamour.

If you're planning for a day of hiking or fishing, use an insect repellent containing permethrin on clothing and gear ahead of time. (Never apply permethrin directly on skin).

Treat your gear.

Yeah, we know it looks dorky, but it's one of your best defenses against the potential disease-carrying insects. If you're planning on a day in the woods or in an area known to have a high mosquito population, your best bet is to tuck 'em in, folks.

Wear pants tucked into socks.

Avoid wearing spandex and other lightweight, thin materials, which mosquitoes can bite right through. Instead, opt for tightly woven materials, like cotton, denim, nylon, or windbreaker-type materials, which are more difficult for the bugs to penetrate.

Wear woven clothing.

On top of the loose-fitting criteria, opt for light-hued clothing when you go outside. Believe it or not, Conlon says that some mosquitoes, especially the species that bite during the day, actually prefer darker colors.

Avoid sporting dark colors.