Combining two of our favourite nail art trends—marble and gold foil—to seriously chic avail.

Floral nail art is all the rage right now, but Hannah's daisy tips put a new spin on the trend.

The inspiration behind this nail art was chocolate. We dig it.

We don't know what we're more jealous of: Fanny's pastry or her cherry nails.

Inspired by quartz gemstones, this stunning nail art will make you feel calm whenever you glance down.

These straight lines might look simple, but they're anything but easy to create. Note how the matte background makes them pop.

Show us something chicer than this glossy, tortoiseshell-inspired manicure. We'll wait.

Another gemstone-inspired manicure to covet. We love how Shelly has outlined her opal nails with thin slivers of silver.

Sticking to powdery tones, Claire demonstrates the most stylish way to do rainbow nails.

Whoever uttered the words "pink and green should never be seen" clearly hadn't laid eyes on this pretty floral manicure.

Another excellent example of a rainbow manicure, courtesy of Claire Most's coffin nails.