8 "Irish" Foods That No One Eats in Ireland

Bacon and cabbage? Oh indeed, that's a popular and traditional dish that has been enjoyed in Ireland for years. But corned beef and cabbage, that most "Irish" of meals always enjoyed on Saint Patrick's Day?

Corned beef and cabbage

If you Google the words "Irish Chili" you will get tens of millions of results in a matter of seconds, with hundreds of those being recipes. What you won't find, though, among all the recipes ranging from things like Vegan Irish Chili to Irish Chili Nachos

Irish chili

The Irish coffee you find in Ireland is so little like the stuff you find stateside that it's almost inaccurate to compare the two. For starters, according to Weaver's Coffee and Tea, true Irish coffee is made with sugar, strong coffee, heavy cream, and whiskey, never with a creamy liqueur

Irish coffee

Despite the heavy use of faux-Irish iconography used to market this children's breakfast cereal, Lucky Charms is as American as apple pie. Which… actually originated in Europe, for the record, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Lucky Charms

Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick's Irish Ale are all brewed in Ireland. But Killian's Irish Red, is not. Killian's is, and always has been, brewed on American soil by Coors.

Killian's Irish Red beer

Do not—repeat, do not—order an Irish Car Bomb at a pub in Ireland. While common in America, this "cocktail," which is just a beer into which a shot made up of whiskey and cream liqueur is dropped (necessitating quick chugging ere the concoction bubbles up in the glass), this drink is not common in Ireland

Irish Car Bombs

OK, to be clear, you will find a dish often called Shepherd's Pie on menus at restaurants in Ireland, but the caveats here are many. First, it's often offered in touristy areas. Second, if the dish you get is made with beef, that's not shepherd's pie, it's cottage pie, according to Britannica.

Shepherd's pie

Beer dyed green with food coloring is an affront to most Irish people, according to PBS Food. It's also an affront to beer, especially a good beer like Guinness. Not only will you almost never find a green beer in the hand of any Irish citizen

Green beer