8 Easy Ways to Get Beach Waves

Beachy waves are a go-to celebrity hairstyle for good reason: They look great on virtually everyone, since the effortless look flatters all face shapes, hair types and ages.

-Prep hair -Section off hair -Hold the curling iron -Once the iron reaches the crown of your head -Repeat -Spray a flexible hold hairspray

Here's how to create beach waves with a curling iron

If you're all about that low-maintenance hair routine, you're probably no stranger to the good ol' air dry. And it works to make waves, too: With a few strategically placed buns (two at the nape of your neck!), you can air dry your way to a California girl look without heat.

How to Get Beach Waves Naturally Without Heat

This wave styling trick incorporates a flat iron into the mix rather than a curling iron — a choice that, as YouTube beauty vlogger HeyKali says, makes the waves look extra shiny.

How to Get Beach Waves with a Straightener or Flat Iron

You've probably been told that if you want small, tight curls, you should use a skinnier curling iron, and if you want large, looser waves, you should use a large barrel curler, right?

How to Get Beach Waves on Long Hair

Getting beach waves on short hair can be trickier than with long hair. Still, this very easy beach waves tutorial is simple to follow and takes less than 10 minutes.

How to Get Beach Waves on Short Hair

Ever dreamt of waking up with perfect hair without having to waste time styling (or use potentially damaging hot tools)? This is the hack for you. All you need is a fabric belt (one from a bathrobe works great) and four hair ties.

How to Get Beach Waves Overnight

If you have medium-length hair, YouTuber Allan Davison's pull-through technique is ideal. Section hair and use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to add a bend at the middle of the hair's length and smooth out the ends for a perfectly tousled, undone wave.

How to Get Beach Waves on Medium-Length Hair

A key feature of beachy waves is that they begin about halfway down your hair, around ear level (this helps give a messy, undone effect).

How to Get Messy Beach Waves

A curling wand is perfect for creating imperfect, gorgeous waves. The GH Beauty Lab says that's because unlike a curling iron, a wand allows for ends keep their natural texture.

How to Get Beach Waves with a Curling Wand