8 Best Eating Habits for Fast Belly Fat Loss

Recent research has called into question the long-held belief that eating breakfast is a reliable weight-loss strategy. But many nutrition experts still advise clients not to skip the morning meal but focus on eating healthy foods that promote weight loss.

Eat the right breakfast.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of belly fat is by getting into the habit of eating to satisfy hunger rather than out of habit, eating because you're anxious or depressed, or eating because, well, you're actually not hungry but thirsty.

Identify your real hunger.

When you cook your own meals at home, you should automatically eat healthier simply because restaurant meals are typically very heavy in extra calories, carbs, fat, and sodium—all nouns synonymous with unhealthy eating.

Eat home-cooked meals.

It's not an eating habit per se but it influences your eating habits. Making a habit of avoiding daily drinking of alcohol can help you significantly reduce belly fat.

Drink less to eat less.

David Brendan, RDN and certified personal trainer with StartRowing, is another advocate of intermittent fasting for speeding up fat loss. He recommends a 16-hour fast and scheduling a resistance training workout at the tail end, sometime between the 13th and 16th hour of the fast before eating.

Eat after exercising.

Everybody is different. What works for one person, may not work for another when it comes to losing weight. But a few things are consistent across the board, says Johna Burdeos, RD, LC, CNSC.

Follow a realistic eating plan.

You've heard this advice a zillion times, but are you doing it? Find out the next time you sit down for a meal and check your plate. Does it resemble Monet's The Artist's Garden at Argenteuil? In other words, is it full of color?

Color your plate.

If you make a habit of adding non-starchy vegetables to every meal and every snack you eat, you will automatically increase your fiber intake and lose body fat, says Blanca Garcia, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist with HealthCanal.

Add non-starchy vegetables.