8 Battle Rope Exercises to Build a Powerful Core

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that a 10-minute bout of exercise consisting of 10 15-second work periods followed by ten 45-second rest periods elicited an average heart rate of 163 beats per minute.

The Effectiveness of Battle Ropes

Diana Mitrea, a personal trainer in New York City, suggests using alternating waves, rope slams, and single-arm plank waves as part of a short, effective Tabata routine.

Alternating Waves

The next move in Mitrea's suggested three-exercise Tabata workout is the rope slam. "Think of this as one big standing crunch," she says.

Rope Slams

The plank exercise by itself already does a great job of targeting your core, particularly the deep, supporting muscles of your transverse abdominis.

Single-Arm Plank Waves

Like Mitrea's three-exercise Tabata workout, the following three moves are perfect for another Tabata or any other style of interval training series.

Snake Variation

You may have performed Russian twists with a dumbbell or medicine ball, but Shapiro points out that this ab exercise becomes much more challenging when you have to control the movement of a constantly undulating rope.

Snake Variation

The final exercise suggested by Shapiro is the single-arm pushup oblique slam. This is very similar in set-up to the single-arm plank waves suggested by Mitrea, but a simple change in angle and wave direction is all it takes to further fire up your obliques.

Single-Arm Pushup Oblique Slams

The final two exercises are from Rachel Lucas, a Gronk Fitness coach at Boston Sports Clubs.

Sumo Tremors

Possibly the most challenging exercise on this list, the 180-degree jump slams are only for individuals who can perform a jump squat properly.

180-Degree Jump Slams