7 Benefits of Drinking Lemon-Ginger Tea Before Bed

Both lemon and ginger contain plant compounds that may help soothe minor bellyaches brought on by indigestion.

1. Soothes indigestion

A warm infusion of lemon and ginger may stave off nausea, especially if you have morning sickness.

2. May alleviate nausea

While there isn’t a lot of research in this area, the hot steam from a cup of lemon-ginger tea may help loosen up congestion in your sinuses, making breathing a little easier.

3. May reduce nasal congestion

Because lemon-ginger tea is hydrating, it may help stool pass more easily along your digestive tract. It’s also important to make sure you’re getting enough fluids in the daytime.

4. May relieve constipation

There isn’t enough research to know whether ginger has anti-inflammatory effects in people. That said, scientists have found that gingerol — a plant compound in ginger — has anti-inflammatory properties.

5. May help fight inflammation

Lemon-ginger tea is hydrating, which helps your body perform its basic functions.

6. Keeps you hydrated

Focusing on the experience of drinking lemon-ginger tea can help you relax. It may also be a great way for you to practice mindfulness.

7. Provides a moment of mindfulness

Drinking lemon-ginger tea regularly may bring about some unwanted effects. It could potentially interact with blood thinners, disturb your sleep, or cause upset stomach. Speak with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Potential concerns