60 Types of Flowers You Should Have in Your Garden

Why we love it: This lesser-known perennial actually is an old-fashioned cottage garden favorite. Its pretty blooms last a long time and attract tons of pollinators.


Why we love it: Tall, globe-shaped flowers (some are as big as your hand!) are a striking addition to the spring garden. Rodents won't bother these bulbs.


Why we love it: The bright colors, cascading or upright forms and flowers that bloom non-stop are all reasons to plant this annual in your beds, window boxes, and pots.


Why we love them: It's one of our favorite perennials for a reason! Aster blooms for a long period, adding color just as all the other flowers are winding down for the season.


Why we love them: These pretty shrubs tell you spring is in full swing. They're gorgeous planted in masses with other spring-flowering perennials.


Why we love it: This perennial has brilliant blue, purple or pink blooms last for weeks. Plus, the tiny balloon-shaped buds make it even more fun to admire in your garden!

Balloon Flower

Why we love them: Begonias come in a staggering array of shapes and colors and bloom continually without any deadheading (pinching off spent blooms


Why we love it: This sunny flower will make you smile, plus it doesn't need babied because it's drought tolerant and blooms for weeks and weeks.

Black-eyed Susan

Why we love it: Tons of spikey flowers in pink, purple or white cover this fast-growing shrub. Plus, you'll love seeing all the butterflies that visit! Newer varieties are not invasive.

Butterfly Bush