6 Surprising Ways Mice Are Getting Into Your Home

Getting through the dog days of summer usually takes a strong will and a sturdy appliance to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. But besides keeping you cool, your climate control might also provide an accessible entryway for mice into your house.

1 Air conditioners

Installing a doggie or cat door can be an easy way to ensure your furry friend can always let themselves in and out of your home. Unfortunately, they also make the same access available for other creatures.

2 Pet doors

It's no secret that rodents can make the most of even the tiniest of entryways. But experts warn that the foundation of your house can sometimes provide cracks and holes that go unnoticed until it's too late.

3 Cracks in your foundation

It may sound like a nightmare scenario, but your plumbing can provide an entryway to your house for rodents. "A surprising way that mice can get into your home is through sewer lines," Joel Miller, owner of Miller Pest & Termite. "If pipes are not sealed properly they can get inside through drains in sinks or bathtubs in your home."

4 Pipes and sewer lines

Depending on where you live, keeping the upper levels of your house cool may be an exceptionally high priority. But the same vents that keep your home cool could be providing easy access to pests.

5 Attic vents

Holes into your foundation may develop over time due to exposure to the elements and natural wear and tear. But other gaps in your exterior walls may actually be planned—including how you pipe essential utilities to your appliances.

6 Gas lines