5 reasons why your cat wants to play all the time

They’re bored

This will often cause a cat to sleep more as a way of passing the time, which means they’ll be full of energy by the time you get home.

They’re lonely

Unless they have another feline friend to keep them company, your cat is likely to experience bouts of loneliness when they are alone in the same way that we do.

They want attention

Our feline friends' behavior can sometimes resemble that of our canine companions, but this is their way of telling you that they aren't getting enough attention and want you to play with them.

It’s their breed

Fun is hardwired into the DNA of the most playful cat breeds, so if you have an Abyssinian, Bengal, or Maine Coon, to name a few, expect them to want to play a lot.

Medical condition

The most common is hyperthyroidism, a condition in which your cat's thyroid produces more hormones than necessary, causing them to become hyperactive.