6 Oatmeal Habits That Jumpstart Weight Loss

Sometimes it's not what we add to our oats that's the problem, but it's the time it takes to actually cook the oats that make it a challenge to eat them regularly.

Use your instant pot.

If you are an overnight oats fan, consider adding kefir instead of milk for a probiotic boost.

Use kefir in your overnight oats recipe.

Oatmeal dishes are typically made with sweeter ingredients, like brown sugar or maple syrup. But a more savory oatmeal dish can be a nice alternative to the classic oatmeal combos with no added sugars.

Make a savory oatmeal dish.

Baking oatmeal isn't on everyone's radar when they are cooking their oats. But baking oats in a casserole dish can result in a cozy meal that is chock-full of weight loss-supporting nutrients.

Make baked oatmeal.

The simple act of adding some healthy fats into your oatmeal dish can profoundly impact your weight loss goals. From nut butter to chia seeds, many healthy fat options can add a boost of this satiating macro to your breakfast meal.

Add healthy fats.

There is no denying that spoonfuls of brown sugar on your oatmeal taste delish. But too much added sugar can add far too many empty calories, contributing to weight gain.

Use spices instead of sugar.