5 Ways to Shrink Visceral Fat With Breakfast

You may have heard that a glass of water in the morning helps jumpstart your metabolism for the day, but you might not know that this simple drink can get you burning visceral fat in the morning.

Start your breakfast with water.

"Choosing breakfast foods that are high in fiber will help reduce the amount of sugar and fat that is absorbed and spare you the storage of visceral fat," says Garcia. "Fiber-rich foods can be found in vegetables and whole grains with more than 5 grams of fiber per serving."

Load up on fiber.

Oatmeal has stood the test of time as a breakfast staple, and it turns out that this morning option can help you burn a ton of fat in the long run.

Embrace oatmeal.

Keeping an eye out for particular toppings can seriously affect how much visceral fat you burn.

Replace unsavory breakfast toppings with healthier options.

It might feel tempting to heat up some microwavable pancakes or breakfast sausages, but these items can't help you burn visceral fat in the morning.

Avoid pre-made processed breakfast foods.